Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Heres some of my recent pieces to kick off the blog! I Want to get real creative and document everything, so hopefully will be uploading photos and videos of tattooing, sketches. Finished pieces and in process. Maybe even a few side projects.

Upper class owl. This is a piece i did on Rob, really glad he let me posh the owl up. He wasn't sure until he saw the sketch!

This was cool to do. I'm really liking traditional in black and grey at the moment. looks classier.

This manga girl (not sure where shes from!) was done on a girl called leanne that i have tattooed alot in the past! She sat like a hero! 7 hours on the inside of her arm. Lots of Dark colours sat right next to Light ones and a lack of lines inbetween made it a bit of a challenge but i really enjoyed it!

Loved doing this one, The demon was based on the lord of the rings balrog.

This piece was on my friend Andy. It was his first one so i had to nurse him through the day... bit of a baby... haha.

This one was the first big piece i did at Lal Hardys New Wave Tattoo in london. It was fun to do. Hindu Icons lend themselves to tattooing really well.

This is on Adam. Really nice guy from nuneaton. We're doing his whole leg with 'random cool stuff'' Godzilla on the inside, king kong on the outside with a bi-plane skyfight going on too.

This little flower was fun to do. Its on a wrist so its pretty tiny. went for a real soft effect with colour lines on the leaves and stem and no lines on the flower head.

This piece is on a guy called lee. Its a memorial for his friend who was in the navy. He had his mates nickname 'nobber' put in the rope border.

Did this piece at Derby tattoo convention a few years ago on my friend pete. Was a looong day hunched over with too clingfilm wrapped chairs in place of a bed haha.

Not usually a Big fan of tribal style tattoos but i enjoyed doing the lioness at the centre. This was a small piece i did at lals.